News, gossip or intrigues?


Are we aware of mass media's influence on our thinking and decision-making?

It´s been said that the news we encounter through mass media is perishable.. But for various reasons and human character they often become persistent in our memory and end up in our underlying awareness. Primarily they are intended for the direction of our attention and are not a substitute for knowledge.


Mirantibus, our thinking spirit, was evaluating some news on the web, and compared the content of them in different channels and thought:

" If media news isn´t a truthful mirror of important events and circumstances but a report of something that might have  "stuck out" in the crowd, can we, and should we, avoid these? Or assimilate that content, whether we consider it news?

Media news often deliberately includes information versus human interests, to be "marketable, superficial or objective". In such a case, such news instead becomes a kind of popular literature, in printed or digital form, and which turns it into more or less " gossip" or entertainment.

Are we then to meet with reality or just fiction news?


The question can only be answered by ourselves, Mirantibus thought.


If our observation compass doesn´t have time to discern what is reliable content in one channel or the other, it will create conflict or inconsistent purposes.

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